Windows User Temp Folder


A quick way to get to your Windows User temp folder in Windows 2000/XP:
Start -->> Run -->> %temp% <enter>

Windows Vista/7:
Start -->> Search programs and files -->> %temp% <enter>


Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10:
Start keyboard button-R -->> %temp% <enter>

In Windows Vista/7 you can select the Start button and select the "Search programs and files" field:

Microsoft Windows Search Programs and Files for Users Temp folder (%temp%).

This will also work in Windows 8/8.1/10 if you have Classic Shell installed.

To open the Run Window Press and hold down the "Windows Logo" key (lower left hand corner of the keyboard) and press the "R" key:

Microsoft Windows Run window to open Users temp folder (%temp%).

Microsoft Windows Explorer Users temp folder (%temp%).

You can safely delete all files and folders in this area, however, some items maybe active and can not be deleted.